The Eastern Brass Quintet


The Eastern Brass Quintet

“The Eastern Brass Quintet is splendid, as good or better than any brass quintet playing in America today. Students should hear them so they can learn what a great potential there is in brass quintet playing!”

 Philip Farkas, author

"The Art of French Horn Playing"

Principal Horn Chicago Symphony Orchestra


“I would rank the Eastern Brass Quintet with the top brass ensembles in the country today.”

Robert Sherman New York Times

Musical virtuosity, polished showmanship and programs show­casing a treasury of music composed for brass quintet are the hallmarks of this brilliant ensemble. Since they banded together in 1970, they have firmly established themselves as the finest brass ensemble performing in America today.


The musical banquet they offer reflects their astute sense of programming and their painstaking scholarship. In six seasons the artists performance record has grown prodigiously: over 600 educational programs, numerous radio and television appearances, a touring schedule that includes concert series appearances and university residencies from coast to date, a grand total of nearly 900 perform­ances. The Quintet's dedication to the field of music education and their expertise in conducting clinics and residency pro­grams have created a tremendous demand for their services.


The Quintet's recordings have become the standard by which all other such ensembles are judged. Their albums as well as their concerts have revolutionized the long-standing 'tradi­tional' brass quintet concept. With such achievements to their credit, these artists bring spe­cial distinctions to the music they play. The excitement one feels when listening to the beautiful sound of this ensemble has brought the Eastern Brass Quintet their well deserved success.



The Eastern Brass Quintet




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